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a conversation with father christmas

A Conversation with Father Christmas

Terry Hollenbaek, a cultural anthropologist and poet, presents a historical account of Christmas from its pagan through the "invention" of the holiday as we know it today. You will come to learn the dynamic, cultural forces that shaped Christmas though the stories and poems of the ages.

Dragon and the Hawk

Dragon and the Hawk

In this action-packed adventure, Lieutenant (and black belt holder) Dana "Hawk" Hawkins (Barbara Gehring) and Tae Kwon Do martial arts master Dragon Pak (Julian Jung Lee) band together in search of Dragon's missing sister. The tough journey leads the duo into a cruel underworld of human experimentation, led by a sinister scientist known only as Therion (Trygve Lode).

Going Back

Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords

In the mystical realm of Ryntia, forces are aligning to unleash a plague of evil. An Oracle gathers seven heroes to wield the legendary swords of Draconus against them.

Going Back

Going Back

Two young men set off to explore the countryside before going away to college. One (Bruce Campbell) finds romance, while the other finds a father figure. Four years later they go back to recapture the feelings of that summer, but find things have changed.

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