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Seeking Animators

Inferno Film Productions is seeking one or more animators to produce approximately 15 minutes of realistic animation to match existing footage for The Highwayman.

We are offering to provide portions of the 4k RED live action footage and background establishing footage shot for The Highwayman to form the basis for the creation of one or more short (few seconds each) animated establishing and insert scenes as a form of an audition. Longer shots/scenes are available, if interested.

Samples of types of scenes: Redcoats marching down highway; Redcoats looking out windows; hanged man's feet swinging; corpse on road crossing sign at sunset; Highwayman riding horse in moonlight; Highwayman robbing victims; Ghost scenes.

We will license our footage, combined with your animation, for use in classes and promo reels. If we like your work, you will be invited to negotiate a contract for creation of longer animated scenes for movie. The majority of the film has been shot and you could be a part of this fantastic movie.

We work in a PC environment with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Part of the audition is whether you can work in a 4k environment. Therefore, we do not recommend dropping the footage to 2k or some such to work. The results tend to be nasty when viewed in a 4k environment.

This should not have to be said, but: We will not use your work without your permission, and we expect the same from you.

Contact producer Darlene Cypser at if you are interested. Please send your name, e-mail address, school, year in school, and class (if you are seeking to use the animation audition for a class project).

Visit The Highwayman for details about the movie.

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